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Covid-19 Health & Safety Procedures

Arrival Procedures:

Children will be dropped off outside the director's office (door will be open). The red sign in/out table will be moved to that location. 

If possible, please bring your own pen -- if you are using ours, they will be disinfected after each use. 

Instead of the blue or red sign-in book, each child will get their own folder: red for Preschool and blue for school-age. 

If possible, please have the same parent or caregiver drop off and pick up each day. 

Please: bring your child no later than 9 am each day, wear your mask, and keep social distancing! 

Children need to wear masks as well, we know that this will be a challenge! 

Health Screening:

Parents are asked to fill out a health survey each day at arrival. 

Children’s temperature will be taken with a no-touch thermometer. 

Children will be monitored throughout the day for signs of illness, and will be sent home with a fever of 100.4 F and ANY signs of COVID-19. 

The same procedures apply for every staff member. 

PLEASE: keep your child at home if she/he or you or any of your family member are not feeling well. 

Group Size and Staffing:

Children will remain in groups as small as possible. The current teacher to child ratio is 1:12. 

We will keep the same children and teacher with each group and will include children from the same family in the same group, to the best of our ability. 

Classroom Space/Social Distancing:

 We will try our best to follow the 6-foot distance rule at all times. 

Napping mats will be placed 6 feet apart, with heads facing in opposite directions. 

We will reduce our time indoors and try to teach and play as much as we can outdoors. 

All of our outdoor play equipment will be sanitized between use by different groups of children. 

Meal Times & Sanitization:

Please, no warm ups! We cannot use the microwave! 

We will practice proper hand washing before and after eating and tables and chairs will be cleaned before and after meals. 

Teachers and Staff will be wearing gloves at meal times. 

We will implement outdoor mealtimes if space and weather allow. 

We do welcome any snack donations! Must be in an original, unopened box. Thank you! 

We will be practicing proper handwashing throughout the day. Hand sanitizer is available to teachers and staff and with supervision for the children. 

PLEASE: don’t bring any toys, stuffed animals or extra blankets to school. Our nap time bedding MUST BE WASHED once a week and brought back on Monday. 

We can't give out any school blankets anymore. Bedding must be put in a big trash bag for storing. 

I will purchase small plastic bins to put in your child’s cubby which will hold their lunchbox, extra clothing, diapers and wipes. 

We are happy to welcome you and your children back to Christ Lutheran and we're excited for a great new school year! 

It will be different for sure, but we will make the best of it!

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