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Curriculum Goals for our Christian preschool:

Colors: recognition, primary and secondary, color mixing, matching, etc.

Math: number recognition, counting, more/less, number order, shapes, etc.

Language Arts: letter recognition, name recognition, rhyming, opposites, , etc.

Physical Skills: climbing, riding bikes, running, jumping, hopping, throwing, etc.

Fine Motor Skills: scissors, scissor safety, print practice, puzzles, etc.

Social Skills: manners, showing kindness, sharing, politeness, friendship, etc.

Spiritual: daily Jesus Time, weekly Chapel, Bible Stories, songs, prayers, etc.

Why us?

At Christ Lutheran Preschool and Child Care Center it is our goal to provide a safe, loving environment for young children to develop and learn all the while knowing that God is with them and loves them sooooo much!

Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

We invite you to make an appointment to come in for a tour and a chance to meet the staff and see us in action!

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