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Our Mission

Our mission is to teach the love of Jesus. To develop a caring and loving Christian atmosphere,

where we offer a quality education with developmentally appropriate, hands-on, active learning curriculum. We believe that every child is​ unique and a gift from God.

 Our goal is to help each child develop and grow at their own pace and meet their developmental and academic milestones.

Our Method 

CLP is an inclusive preschool environment that believes children learn and grow through play and active participation in their environment. Influenced by educational theorists Lev Vygotsky, Jean Piaget, Erik Erikson we believe that children grow at their own pace through the developmental stages. Our classrooms have adapted the High Scope model of learning that follow the developmental Key Developmental Indicators. Throughout the school year, children grow and learn in seven key developmental areas: sensory, gross motor, fine motor, perceptual language and cognitive skills, along with social-emotional, and faith.

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