2715 East La Veta Orange, California 

Christ Lutheran Preschool and
 Child Care Center


Christ Lutheran Preschool and Child Care Center 

Calendar for the 2018-2019 School Year 

August 20th- First day of school, Christ Lutheran Preschool

August 22nd- First day of school for La Veta Elementary 

September 3rd- Labor day SCHOOL CLOSED 

October 8th-12th- Preschool parent/teacher conferences 

November 12th-Veterans day SCHOOL CLOSED 

November 22nd and 23rd- Thanksgiving break, SCHOOL CLOSED 

December 24th and 25th- Christmas break, SCHOOL CLOSED 

December 31st and January 1st- New Year's break, SCHOOL CLOSED 

January 21st- Martin Luther King Jr. day, SCHOOL CLOSED 

February 15th- Lincoln day, SCHOOL CLOSED 

February 18th-Washington day, SCHOOL CLOSED 

April 19th- Good Friday, SCHOOL CLOSED 

April 22nd-Easter Monday, SCHOOL CLOSED 

May 27th- Memorial day, SCHOOL CLOSED 

June 13th-Last day of school 

June 14th- Staff Development day, SCHOOL CLOSED 

June 17th- Summer program begins 


August 9th- Last day of summer program 

August 12th-16th- School closed for preparation for the new school year**

August 21st- 2019-2020, School year begins!